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For ten years Venetian Coffee Roasters has provided fresh roasted, flavorful coffee to SW Florida’s best cafes, bistros, restaurants and specialty food establishments.  Even in Florida’s slower season (summer), we roast several days each week to ensure that the coffee your customer’s enjoy is just hours from the roasting process.  Produced in 20 lb. batches, our single origin coffees meet the perfect profile, balance and budget for culinary professionals.

Do you need a signature coffee, a perfect blend for breakfast or to serve with your freshly created desserts? 

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We’ll host you at the Roasterie for a session that will uncover the perfect brew to delight your customers.  Do you want coffee branded for resale at your store?  Let our team create the perfect roast, packaging, labels and price point to support your success.  It always starts with great coffee, but we can help you with all the little details to support the successful launch of your retail coffee offerings.

A real hit with our cafe and specialty store customers is Venetian Cold Brew. We start with freshly roasted, coarse-ground, Organic Java coffee. Its rich, delicious. The coffee is steeped for 24 hours at room temperature, to make a mildly sweet concentrate thats 2/3s less acidic than brewed coffee.  Sold in carafes and gallon jugs, Venetian Cold Brew is the perfect base for iced coffee, iced latte, even piping hot coffee if you add 2/3 boiling water to 1/3 Cold Brew. Try some, its a great adder for Florida’s fine food establishments.

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