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We source our green beans from farms all over the world. We strive to work directly with the farmers to make sure more goes back to the origin it comes from. When the Coffee arrives to our shop in big burlap bags on pallets and we inspect each bag to ensure quality and freshness.


We roast every small batch by hand.  When we introduce a new origin, we pay close attention to the beans density and unique characteristics to gain insights into how to most optimally take it through the roast. We then experiment with roast profiles and cup the coffees until we arrive at a final product we feel excited to offer.


In essence, we are collaborating with each other and the coffee itself to create roasted beans that celebrate the natural flavors and characteristics of the specific origin, growing conditions and processing methods.



Coffee is an Art starting with the farm it comes from, To roasters roasting  the coffee batch by batch, To the Coffee house brewing it and creating beautiful latte art. We strive to make sure the parts we are involved in are done to the best of our abilities. 

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