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About Us

At Venetian Coffee Roasters, our journey begins with a shared passion for the artistry that is coffee. Rooted in a belief that every sip should tell a story of origin and dedication, we've woven a heartfelt narrative into every step of our process.

Venetian Coffee Roasters is a 15-year old wholesale coffee roasting business located on the Island of Venetian, about one block from the Venice Airport. Founded by a pilot for Allegiant Airlines with a passion for fresh coffee, the business was then sold to the Nugent Family which in turn, sold it to a Colombian owner and now to the current owner, Specialty Coffee Ventures LLC. 


The company fresh roasts 15 single origin coffees from around the world. The company owns the brewing and grinding equipment at several of the cafes it supplies with coffee.

Our Values


Tribute to Origin
Through collaboration with each other and the coffee itself, we celebrate the magic that resides within each origin. We recognize that the terrain, the climate, the processes are all whispered secrets that the bean carries. With every roast, we unveil these secrets, allowing the cup to speak the language of the land it hails from.


Coffee is more than a beverage; it's an art form that comes alive through every touch. From the farmer's delicate nurturing to the roaster's meticulous roasting, and finally, to the barista's pour — we honor this craft with unwavering dedication. We understand that our role is a vital in the symphony of coffee's journey from seed to cup.


As the burlap bags, heavy with promise, arrive at our shop, we embark on a ritual of quality. With hands that have come to know the touch of each bean, we inspect, ensuring that only the finest beans move forward. It's not just coffee we're handling, but a culmination of stories, journeys, and dreams.

Meet the Team

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