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New Ways to Brew Your Morning Cup of Joe

Here you are buying all this delicious coffee to try new things, but you continue to brew it the same way. Perhaps you want to try something new and different. You can make your coffee in a new way using one of these seven brewing methods.

You choose your coffee brewing method based on your preferences and how much money you want to spend on the equipment. Most of these options have a relatively reasonable price point you can find.

The French Press

You can find a simple French press at most Asian grocery stores for less than $10. Chinese groceries cater to this, which might surprise people who think only of tea in relation to the cuisine of the culture. When you use a French press, you brew the coffee by soaking the grounds directly in hot water, then separating the coffee from its grounds by pressing the plunger down. You will get a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee in about four minutes.

The Pour Over Method

You also need only invest about $5 for the drip vessel to make pour-over coffee. Visit the same type of large Asian supermarket for this device. Some come with a built-in filter while others you use with a cone filter. With your coffee grounds in the filter, you pour boiling water over the grounds while it sits atop the coffee mug. It takes about three minutes to brew a single cup of smooth coffee.

The Chemex Device

Since its invention in 1941, the Chemex has helped coffee connoisseurs brew the ideal cup of coffee by regulating the water flow as it flows through the coffee grounds. It works best with medium-coarse coffee grounds and provides you with a cup of pure tasting java in four to five minutes. There’s no super cheap option for this device but you can find them for about $40 to $50.

The Aeropress

Invented in 2005, the Aeropress combines the technologies of the Chemex and French Press. You create air pressure by pushing a plunger down through the filtering mechanism which forces the brewed coffee into the cup below. Expect to pay between $25 to $50 for this device that creates a clean, smooth cup of coffee in about two minutes.

The Moka Pot Espresso Device

Think of this as a stovetop espresso maker. This Italian invention lets you brew espresso or strong coffee at home without the expense of an espresso machine. You can purchase these for $25 to $50 and use fine coffee grounds to produce a sharp and very strong cup of coffee. The coffee pot requires you to boil the water that goes into its lower chamber separately. That water works with the upper chamber set on the stove to create steam to brew the coffee. In five minutes, you have an espresso.

Choose your method. Shop for your coffee-making device and brew your Venetian Coffee like the barista at your favorite coffee shop.

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