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The Secret to How Great Decaf Coffee is Made

We’re all huge fans of coffee, but most people are in the dark about how this beverage gets made.

When our customers come looking for the best decaf coffee in Venice FL, we want to provide them with amazing coffee that is roasted right here in Venice. This includes our decaf roasts.

We strive to create amazing coffee roasts that put a little pep in your step. Here’s how we create our decaf roasts.

Natural Decaf from Columbian Sugar Cane

Decaffeinating coffee is a delicate art. When you are trying to make a roast that has a lower caffeine content, you don't want to process the coffee beans too much. This overprocessing is what has led to decaf’s bad reputation for having flat flavor.

We use two main methods to decorate our coffee. The Columbian Sugar Cane method creates a natural decaf with robust flavor while Swiss Water Processing leaves the coffee’s natural flavor intact.

Columbian Sugar Cane processing uses naturally fermented molasses to bind to the caffeine in young coffee beans. After soaking, washing, and steaming, the beans are processed with fermented molasses to naturally wash them of their caffeine content.

The beans are then washed and steamed a second time before heading off to your favorite coffee roasters.

Decaf made with this method leaves the coffee with a natural, robust flavor. This is ideal for people who want decaf that has gone through minimal processing.

Let’s take a look at our other method of removing caffeine from coffee.

Swiss Water Processing

We roast some of our best decaf coffee in Venice FL using the Swiss Water Processing method.

This technique allows us to strip up to 98% of the caffeine from coffee while leaving its flavor intact.

This method works by using a charcoal filter and fresh water along with a compressed CO2 solvent to bind to the caffeine molecules in the coffee. After the first batch of coffee beans goes through the process, the water becomes saturated with coffee flavor. This leads to a decaf that still has the full impact of regular coffee.

Are you looking to try out these modern decaf techniques?

Try Our Decaf For Yourself

If you have been searching for the best decaf coffee in Venice FL, then you can’t go wrong with our Columbian roasts. Try one today and experience how these cutting edge decaf methods are improving flavor while making caffeine content more manageable.

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