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Ways to Brew Decaf Coffee to Add More Flavor

There are other ways to brew your decaf coffee besides a drip coffee maker. At Venetian Coffee Roaster we make delicious, decaffeinated coffee and want you to know about other ways to brew it and serve it. Many professional coffee roasters say that the Pour Over Method is the best way to make decaffeinated coffee cup by cup. You can make decaf cold brewed coffee too, using our decaf beans.

Decaffeinated coffee can only taste good when you brew it using fresh beans or ground beans. This is the key to a successful tasty, decaffeinated coffee. We will discuss these two methods for making decaffeinated coffee. We sell Organic Peru Swiss Water Decaf, Columbian HalfCaf, Colombian DeCaf, DeCaf, and Water Processed Decaf. Our decaffeinated coffee can be bought as a whole bean, drip, commercial, espresso, French Press or cold brew. It has a rich flavor that comes through every time. It comes in varying sizes when you order.

Pour Over Coffee Method

Coffee baristas and lovers say that the pour over method produces the best flavor for decaffeinated coffee. You will need a pour over device, often a ceramic device that fits over your coffee cup or coffee pot, paper or mesh coffee filters, your choice of decaffeinated beans or ground beans, a kettle with a gooseneck spout to pour boiling water, a coffee pot or cup. Many consumers make the coffee in a cup and others in a pot with boiling water.

The first step is to grind the amount of beans needed in your coffee grinder. Many coffee lovers prefer to grind the beans before they brew the coffee. Put the pour over device in your coffee cup or coffee pot and insert your paper filters into the pour over device. Grind your beans and put them into the filter according to the brand directions. Fill your kettle with water on the stove and let it come to a boil. Turn off the kettle before pouring.

Pour the water in a counterclockwise circle through a filter in your cup or coffee pot. Start in the center and work your way outwards. Pour for only a brief time and let the grounds settle as they sometimes fizz up. When they subside, continue to pour water using the same method and get all the grounds even on the side of the filter. Remove the filter and pour over the device, add cream or sugar and enjoy a delicious cup of decaffeinated coffee.

How to Make Cold Brew Decaffeinated Coffee

You can make your own cold brew from our decaffeinated beans. Grind them in a coffee grinder as they need to be ground roughly. You can use a French Press or a large container to make the cold brewed coffee. You will need cheesecloth to filter the grounds after it has been in the refrigerator for eight hours or more.

Grind the coffee beans and add them to the fresh press or the container you plan to brew them in. Add filtered water and put in your refrigerator for 8 hours or more. After the coffee is brewed, strain the mixture using a cheesecloth or strainer into another glass or plastic container to use for fresh brewed decaffeinated iced coffee. Add sugar, cream or serve black with ice.

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