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A Guide For Homebrew Coffee

Most people enjoy a cup of coffee either in the morning or as a pick me up during the day. There are many methods to brew coffee outside of the usual coffee pot brew. These different ways can impact the taste and provide a fun new experience for many.

French Press

French pressed coffee is sometimes considered the best tasting coffee. It has some benefits like being more cost efficient. It is also pretty simple to use and easy to store. To brew coffee, you would need to pull out the plunger and add in the coffee. Next, pour not quite boiling water into the pot and stir it gently. Replace the plunger and push it until it is stopped above the water and let sit for a few minutes before pressing the plunger down with a steady force.


Hot and cold brew is possible with the Aeropress. This style of coffee is similar to the French press. The plunger is pushed out of the chamber and the filter is placed in the filter cap. After placing the filter cap onto the chamber, it should be placed on a sturdy mug. A rounded scoop can be used to pour coffee grounds into the chamber. Shake it to help level the grounds. Pour hot water to level one on the chamber, stir the water with the grounds and replace the plunger. Push until there is some resistance, continuing to push until resistance until all of the coffee is pushed through the filter.


The chemex method of brewing is another favorite and can seem intimidating at first to a beginner. For this method there are about six things that are needed including the Chemex brewer, chemex filters, coffee, a coffee grinder, a gooseneck spout kettle, a kitchen scale, and a cup of choice. The filter should be folded to fit in the top of the chemex brewer and it should be pre-rinsed with water that is not quite boiling. Next, 45 grams of coffee should be added to the Chemex, which should then be placed on a scale. Water is next poured in, but only enough to cover the grounds, saturating them. It sits for about a minute before more water is poured in the center in a medium sized circle. Continue pouring until the scale reaches 720 grams.

Pour Over

The pour over method is very similar to the Chemex method. This method uses 30 grams of coffee that are ground to a coarseness similar to sea salt and about 600 grams of water should be boiled. The filter is put in the dripper and rinsed with hot water. Grounds are placed in and leveled to the surface. Pour the hot water evenly in slow spirals from the outer rim working the way to the center to saturate the grounds for about 15 seconds. Stop pouring once the scale reaches 60 grams. After 30 seconds, a second pour can start in a spiral again, but in the opposite direction, starting from the center working the way out to reach 150 grams. The third pour should bring the total to 250 grams and the fourth pour bringing it to 350 grams. Between the pours, there should be about 15 to 20 seconds.

There are a variety of options for different at-home brewing methods. Some people have expressed a preference of one over the other, but it is all a personal preference that can change from person to person.

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