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How to Upgrade Your Coffee Drinking Experience

Are you a coffee person ready to upgrade your coffee drinking experience? Or perhaps you’re new to coffee-drinking and would like to know how to best enjoy it? Whichever case it may be, you’ll be glad to know that there are simple and handy tips for you to get to know more about the art of coffee, and drinking it.

It’s in the Beans

The first thing you need are good quality beans. Sure, there are plenty of good ground options, but if you really want that burst of fresh coffee flavor, then go for the beans. While they hold a pretty long shelf life, it reaches its peak flavor only a few days after being roasted.

It would also be ideal, therefore, if you could finish your bag of beans within a month of its roast date. That’s why choosing a reliable coffee bean source goes at the root of finding the right beans for you. From there, you can consider the world your coffee playground.

Lessons on Grinding

Now that you have your whole beans, it’s time for you to put it to work. Grinding beans do not come in one size for all. The trick is to find the right balance in texture, otherwise, your brew will be off.

Coarsely ground coffee beans, for example, will yield a weak pot of coffee. This is because you were not able to fully extract the flavors within the beans. Meanwhile, if you over-grind, you are also throwing off the balance of taste by making your brew too bitter.

An ideal grind is something wherein the natural tones and notes of the beans are able to shine through. You’ll know you ground the beans well when you can taste layers of flavors in your brew. Keep in mind that coffee flavor is not supposed to be flat or one-dimensional. You want to be able to extract those fully so you can better enjoy your coffee.

Store Coffee Properly

Don’t grind all your coffee beans at the same time. You still want to keep them fresh for longer use. A mason jar is one of the most favorite go-tos of coffee enthusiasts for storing their supply. Vacuum seal packs are also good at keeping the freshness intact.

Keep it in a cool, dry place.

Use Proper Tools

To achieve optimal freshness and taste, you need to measure your coffee right. To achieve the perfect brew, you need a perfect pot and accessories for your coffee-making experience. In other words, you need to have the proper tools in order for you to make a proper cup of coffee. Since this is something that you’ll be using everyday, it would be more ideal for you to get equipment or tools that can last a long time–investment pieces, as they are called.

As you go through your coffee experience, remember why you started the journey in the first place: to enjoy the coffee. So do enjoy. And have a great first sip.

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